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Every great plan starts with a vision and/or an idea. The vision of a Crystal City of Light is inspired by the minds of creatives whose ideas lay in the womb of the morphic field of humanity. The Spirit of the Lotus Church has a vision and a plan to build a Crystal City of Light near Belen, New Mexico where people of all religious/spiritual backgrounds, beliefs, ethnicity, origins can find respite, inspiration, peace, and spiritual revitalization. This will be a place where the Light of Source is anchored to unify the consciousness of humanity and to help all creation continue its transformation from darkness into light, from poverty to abundance.

Humanity is experiencing a major transformation. Prior to the 21st century, the masses could not see beyond the scope of what they were taught and programmed to believe at home and in school. We are now experiencing a shift of consciousness where people are thinking outside the box and are trusting their creativity and higher intuition. We are also witnessing more and more how power is shifting from government to the people, and soon we will be free from being enslaved by the “almighty dollar.” Religion once limited our access to spiritual truth, closed our minds and created separation. Now this new decade is exposing us to the Truth, and our innate powers are being restored. Humanity is unifying and thinking more globally. We are taking responsibility for our environment and the welfare of not only each other but for the planet. We now need retreat centers like Spirit of the Lotus’ Crystal City of Light to help the young and old alike to acclimate to the “new” energy that is speeding us along into a new frontier.



Many of the great movements in history have sprung from little places, geographically cities or even sections of cities, like the Left Bank in Paris. Small concentrations of creative people have produced fresh insights that eventually benefited the entire human race. 


J. Donald Walters’ Cities of Light

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Ways You can Help


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  3. Learn More; Contact us and/or visit Spirit of the Lotus Church and School of Wisdom (click here)

Together We Will Build the Crystal City of Light!

The retreats are a wonderful opportunity to receive inspired teachings that emphasize individual mastership and connecting with the divine.


Sangeetha G.

I attend Spirit of the Lotus because I experience a remembering of old knowledge, and a sense of connectedness when I am you all . . . It's all truths unfolding, mysteries being revealed and expanding into new areas. 

Tawn H

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Listening to you speak reassures that I am on the right track.  I enjoy your energy very much.  I am very grateful that I had a chance to meet you.

Natsuki G.

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