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What is a Crystal City of Light?

A City of Light has one purpose. It is to unite humanity’s consciousness by recognizing and realizing that plants, animals, minerals and humans are all equal in God’s Eye. In the fifth dimensional reality, humans, animals and vegetation all have access to divine consciousness. When God’s Kingdom is “here in Earth as it is in heaven,” the ascension process is complete.  This is when the "lion lies down with the lamb."  This is when humans, animals, and vegetation live in complete harmony.  Finally, this is when all children born are no longer carbon base but formed from crystalline light.

Crystal Cities of Light are actualizing this united consciousness by connecting to the Earth’s crystalline grid (consciously) thereby creating a diamond matrix. When all Cities of Light are connected, there is an anchoring of the Light from higher dimensions. The fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth dimensions . . . This is the “new” reality.

The energy within and around us is shifting, and humanity is experiencing the ascension process.  Acclimating to the fifth dimensional energy is not without consequence. Many are already feeling stressed, off balanced, having memory issues, etc. This is because we are expanding into multi dimensions. We may be feeling pain where we never felt before.  This is where the Spirit of the Lotus’ Crystal City of Light Retreat Center will come into play. It is a safe place where people of all religious, spiritual, mystical and cultural traditions can choose to gather to find respite, relax/expand, learn, meditate, exercise, dance, worship and experience true peace. 


Where will the Crystal City of Light be built?

The site for the Spirit of the Lotus’ Retreat Center was chosen because of a spiritual vision. Through many serendipitous encounters, the founders of the Spirit of the Lotus Church were led to Belen, a “nondescript” town in central New Mexico with a great history.  The founders were captivated by the beauty and majesty, energy, and the colors of the area.


What convinced the founders of the Spirit of the Lotus Church to buy land near Belen, NM is a fulfillment of the vision.  South of Albuquerque, NM is a small town named Belen which means Bethlehem, a place to be re-born. It also has the nickname “the hub city.” Belen is located near the center of the State and is the transportation hub for Central New Mexico. The significance of this is major. The Spirit of the Lotus Church purchased land on the side of a mesa near Belen, because it was revealed to us that “a Crystal City of Light will be built at the hub.”

What positive impact will your contribution make?

Investing in this campaign will get a road built which will lead to the construction of the Crystal City of Light Retreat Center.  The many positive benefits include:

  • Employment opportunities for small town America specifically the local community of Belen, NM. These opportunities will be available from the beginning of the building project to well after the its completion.

  • Community groups in Belen, NM as well as throughout the United States and the world will be able to schedule retreats and conferences in a convenient, beautiful and mystical location. 

  • The Retreat Center's worship building will have regular interfaith services open to the public where everyone is welcome.

  • The amphitheater at the Retreat Center will be available for public rental.  In addition, the plan is to allow the local community to use it at least one time per year free of charge.  

  • The Crystal City of Light Retreat Center will be a landmark for the area, thereby attracting visitors from all over the world. Visitors as well as the retreat community will be able to take in the beauty of the eco-friendly structures, sustainable gardens, and landscape.
















What do we need to start?  A road...

Before any construction can take place on the Crystal City of Light, a road needs to be built. Although the land is beautiful and enchanting, it is currently only accessible via four-wheel drive.

The proposed road will be built on a major public easement and will go from Locked Gate Road to the eastern edge of a small river on the mesa called the Rio Puerco.  It will be a dirt road that is 24 feet wide and approximately 4 miles long.  The road will provide access to hundreds of plots of land on or near the mesa including the 20 acres of land that is owned by the Spirit of the Lotus Church. The road will be up to County Code so that construction, passenger, and emergency vehicles will have easy access to the land. 

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